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About Us

Resort view

Resort view

The Pali-Beach-Resort is located in the idyllic surroudings of beach.

In beautiful locations and far away from city, Resorts are setting good record for the comfort of our guests. Combining traditional beauty with modern facilities, our resort is the ultimate experience in every sense. Our commitment to help our costomers and excelent service has ensured a loyal guest list.

Pali-Beach-Resort are now available at Special rates. We offer you the best-value resort in Mumbai and guarantee the lowest Cheap rates available anywhere. We are so confident that we have the best room rates for any accommodations.

To add to your comforts and taste, we have the pure veg Restaurant which serves mouth-wearing Indian food and for quenching your thirst, we have the permit room which can satisfy all your taste. We also have conference room facilities.

Children have an exclusive area, the TIC-TAC-TOE to themselves, with a variety of games and reading materials as well as a tree-house to keep them busy.we have various rides for all people of any age.


By Road:

Left from the N.Highway at Dahisar leading to the railway crossing at Bhayandar.Further a left at Bhayandar police station proceeding towards Uttan-Pali village.

By Rail:

Byayandar station Then just 11 Kms. more to reach us via Public transport in the form of rickshaws, vans, mini buses and our private pick-up vehicles.

By Sea:

Ferry, from Gorai creek at Borivali gets you to Gorai village, where you can avail public transport to reach us quickly.

We are easily accessiable and you could choose the shortest and most convenient route to us

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